About Us

Since 2015, CCT has led the way providing safe and effective ionic air cleaning solutions designed solely for mass transit vehicles. Improving indoor air quality for the comfort and safety of both operators and passengers is our number one priority.

While companies who specialize in fixed building applications try to adapt their products for use in transit, few specifically engineer their products for rail or bus applications. For years, CCT has been the only company to not only meet the special needs of moving vehicles in the transit space, but also improve performance output and lower maintenance costs by using components that don’t rely on glass bulb technologies or those requiring annual replacement.

“Proven reliability in US transit applications since 2015”
CCT expands product portfolio to include small, medium and heavy duty bus
CCT announces new products for LRV, APM and passenger rail applications
CCT products awarded certification by California Air Resources Board.
Numerous top transit authorities select CCT air ionization
2021 demand for CCT results in 8-fold increase over previous year.
CCT meets UL 867 and CSA22.2 ozone regulations
“The most adaptable air cleaning options on the market”
“Transit vehicles offer one of the best applications for this technology”

Transit Air Quality

For many years transit authorities have addressed the quality of exhaust air outside of transit vehicles, but only recently has the industry recognized the need to address the quality of the air inside the vehicle. Small particulate matter, mold, viruses, bacteria, odors and other biological contaminants are generally uncontrolled in vehicles.

Standard filtration media has minimal effect on these micro particles. Odors are also difficult to remove from the air, and routine cleaning is typically inadequate. Combined with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining the air quality inside these vehicles has become a top priority.

CCT Solution

For decades, ionized air cleaning technology has allowed commercial building designers to save energy costs and improve air quality by controlling various contaminants (ASHRAE 62.1 IAQ procedure). It is regularly used to minimize odors in exhaust ventilation at sewage treatment plants, to neutralize smoke, jet and diesel fuel, and eliminate harmful microbiological particles, body odors, dust and more.

By customizing and optimizing this technology to handle transit vehicle operating conditions and air handler design, CCT solutions can enable transit authorities with active air cleaning equipment to improve the rider experience.

When used with existing HVAC filter media, CCT electric air cleaners are proven to reduce harmful airborne particles and odors, improving air quality in every type of public transit vehicle application.

With special equipment, our company has validated ion concentrations on a wide variety of transit vehicles. This metric has demonstrated the before and after results which determine the balance, distribution and effectiveness of ionized air technology on transit vehicles.

CCT air cleaners have been installed on the following bus brands: